Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Horsing around

This last weekend, my brother, Peter, his fiancé', Carrey, and their adorable little girl, Kyah, came to see me and Jake and we went horse riding.

It was Kyah's first time. Peter and Carrey haven't rode in a long time, so I thought it would be quite fun. And it sure was! and I got some fun pictures!

This chocolate faced little girl is so cute. One second she is laughing at the wind blowing in her face, and the next she's crying for no reason. Then laughing again because the dog touched her. I can't wait to have a little one of my own :)

We did have plans to take some engagement shots for Peter and Carrey, but it got stormy and windy and we just couldn't do it. I will admit I am a bit worried about it! Suggestions anyone?? Do you have any favorite poses you'd let me borrow, or your favorite editing technique? I guess I'm going to have to bust out my old photoshop book from my editing class. :)

I love when my family comes to see me. We showed off our new house, and our little helper Kyah went around the house and closed all the toilet lids. Well.. slammed them down and walked away like it was nothing. Isn't she so cute in her little Hello Kitty cape we got her in Mexico? So cute :)

Oh! before I forget. Hannah didn't email me in the allotted time, and the new winner for the personalized print from Amanda is

JaNae Norman! :) congratulations, and email in 24 hours to get your prize :)

TTTTtttthats all for now folks.
Have a super fantastic Wednesday! We're almost through the week!

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