Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Just a story

Today I have a story for you.

This begins about 11 years ago. A little girl named April went to bed in her princess nightgown. April loved princesses and Disney movies. Anything with love and a happy ending. That night she fell asleep and dreamt of the most perfect place ever! They place where she and her prince would live out their days in love. They would have kids and raise them working and having fun.
This place she dreamt of was just like the place she was raised. Small enough everyone is your neighbor. Secluded and away from all of the distractions from the rest of the crazy world. The place she dreamt of was secluded and peaceful but at the same time, it was close enough to bigger cities where they could go shopping, see a movie, and have a decent job. This was such a heavenly place April never wanted to wake up from this dream. When she did all she could think about was how perfect that place was. It seemed just like heaven on earth. As the day grew on she forgot about the town with the green fields and cows and went along with her usual activities of playing with her neighbor and best friend. There were no worries of finding the perfect town because it only existed in her dreams.

Fast forward 10 years to when the same little girl had fallen in love! With her prince no less, she was sure of it! He had taken her on a date to a restaurant, but first had to make a stop at his home. When the prince drove to his enchanted home, April had the feeling she had been to this place before. When she finally remembered, she realized she was in her dream again. But this time she was awake! This place was real! And she would find a way to stay here forever with her prince!

Alright alright! I'm a little crazy I know! But for reals I've been writing all day for school and had to do something fun for a minute and you all get to enjoy it!

It is a true story though I dreamt of the town Jake grew up in when I was little! I thought it would be awesome to live in a little farm town but be so close to the city that you got the best of both worlds! Little did I know that it really did exist!

Lake shore, Utah

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  1. That is fun!!! :) and that picture is beautiful!



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