Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bloggy Friend.

Today is expressing my love for a blogger :)

And I want to express this to my new bloggy friend Aubrey.


You are amazing! did you know she crafts? A lot! and I want every single one of her picture frames that she has painted! So cute!

I am very envious of the ambition you have. She is training to run a marathon. A marathon people!!! that is 26 miles! I ran cross country in high school, that was 3 miles, She is amazing!! simply amazing!

I loved seeing you wear blue EVERY SINGLE DAY last month! Autism awareness month was last month, and this beautiful girl wore blue in her outfit every single day, now that is dedication!

You seriously make me laugh, when I read your blog, a comment, or an email from you! Seriously love your humor!

The one time I met her, and get to meet up with her again this coming week! 

Yay party!

 Love you Aubrey girl! Everyone go check out how awesome she is. Really!


  1. Oh, yay, another Aubrey. I'll have to go check her blog out!

  2. oh my gosh! i am clearly severely behind in my blog reading. i have been so busy trying to write my dang blog lately that reading has taken a serious back burner. you are the nicest! thank you thank you! also, i haven't forgotten to text about meeting up. it just keeps being midnight:)


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