Friday, May 10, 2013

dear teenage girl

I don't know how many readers are still in their teens. Probably less than 5%, but this advice still goes out to those teenage girls or anyone who needs this. (if anything, its a letter to my old self)

My advice:

Don't stress about finding "the one". 

If you feel like you have to work at a relationship to keep them, (mainly boys) its not meant to be. You should find someone where you don't need to worry about if they are talking to other girls, if they really like you, if what you say might make them mad. You need to be with someone who knows you, and knows that they want to be with only you!

At the same time, don't date just one guy.

Have fun in high school. Join teams, go to plays, participate in everything. Have weekend parties with your friends, do something wild!

Find out who your true friends are. You will either way, but it would've been nice to know earlier.

Be a good friend. Be there for them when they need you. Bring them tissues when they're sad, and hugs when they're happy.

Listen to your parents. It might not seem like it, but they know more than you think. You can't hide anything from them. They know! And if you think you hid something from them, they have other parent friends that know!

Get a job. But don't work your life away. Save money for college, married life, and anything else you have plans for. 

Friends will come and go, but your siblings are there forever. They may get on your nerves but just wait a little bit. They will become your best friends.

If you in a one sided friendship, it needs to end. It will just bring you heartache. 

Go to every football game. Basketball game. And yes, baseball game. Find that friend that will get a diet coke and sunflower seeds and cuddle up in a blanket with you at a baseball game. She will be your friend for life!

My biggest advice, don't stress the small stuff.
They really truly are just small stuff in the big picture. It will pass, you will get over it, it will be okay. 
Just live your life and have fun!


  1. I think this is awesome advice! I wish that I'd done more of these things in high school!

  2. All awesome advice. It's funny how clearer things seem to be as you get older. Love your new blog design by the way!


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