Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Boy that I love

Dear Husband,

Today is your birthday. 24!? What!? Holla! What a great man you are! Can I just tell you how lucky I am to have you in my life!

How adorable are you!? Such a happy boy! You are still the same way. Any time I think something might get me down for a second, you bring me back up, and make me smile.

I wish more than anything that our little kids will be just like you.


A great big brother


A hunter


A cowboy

A dog lover


The list goes on and on love. 

This year with you has been amazing. I am SOOOOO glad you came into my life. I have loved all of our adventures so far, and can't wait for everything to come, and I am just so excited to spend every minute with you. 

I love you Jake.
Happy Birthday. 

I love you. 


  1. He is a character! Loved looking at these photos. Tell him Happy Birthday for me? Have a perfect day!


  2. I love all those baby pics! He really hasn't changed a bit. Happy Birthday Jake!

  3. Cute pictures. Hope he has a great birthday. I know you will make it special for him.

  4. Happy birthday to Jake! Hope you both had a wonderful day :) What did you guys end up doing?


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