Wednesday, May 8, 2013

fears and such.

The things I am most afraid of.

There was the option to just do one thing.. but lets be honest, I'm scared of way to many things to name only one!


They are creepy and crawly. I know every girl is scared of them, but I am like deadly afraid of spiders. Last summer when Jake and I were camping, we had given his dog Daisy too much of her allergy pills so Jake was going to stay up all night and make sure she didn't... well die. While he was watching over her, I guess I started to hyperventilate so he woke me up. I was having a dream about spiders.

Its so bad. I seriously will start just freaking out, breathing hard, and shaking uncontrollably. Its an issue.


Yet again. Another thing that most girls are afraid of. When I was younger I would watch CSI and other crime shows such as that. In one of the episodes there was a killer clown, I have been scarred ever since.


When we went to Lake Powell last summer, Jake and his cousins went cliff jumping. It looked like so much fun and I really wanted to get up with all of the boys and be awesome like them, So I climbed up with Jake. Once I got up there I realized how high up it really was. I couldn't jump. When it looks super high i really can't do it. I can't jump or look down. I start to shake, get light headed, and my vision gets blurry. Its really bad. I eventually jumped off and certainly didn't look awesome like the rest of the boys.

Also when Jake and I were dating, we went to the college pool and I wanted to jump off the high dive. I was up there for 10.. maybe even 15 minutes before I just jumped.

All of my fears are in my head, but I know that they all could kill me and I'm not a fan of wanting to die.

That is the only reasoning I can think of!!!

Jake is scared of me touching his belly button, come to find out its a real fear!

What are you scared of?


  1. Scared of someone touching your belly button? That's a new one I've never heard of!



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