Thursday, May 16, 2013

How he proposed, Jake Style

How he proposed, Jake style.

The last post was a little bit difficult for Jake to come up with more than 3 sentences for a post, so I came up with some questions for him to answer.

Did you plan it all out before hand?

Yes, and no. I had a whole fancy plan involving snowmobiling, but then both of my snowmobiles broke down and me being the kind of person when I make my mind up about something I have to do right then and there. I had the ring and I didn't want to wait for the snowmobiles so I kind of just winged it.
And it worked out great, I think.

Did you pick out the ring by yourself?

Kind of. I knew the style that she wanted, so I shopped around until I found one that I thought she would like. And yes, I picked that one out.

Was it hard to keep it a secret?

No. I didn't have the ring very long before I proposed but I think I did mess up and she had an idea that it was coming. But as far as the day, place, and how, she did not have a clue!

How did you know it was the "perfect" time to ask?

Because there were times when I thought she was going to ask me. So I figured I'd better get it done!

How did you choose the day, time, and place?

Honestly, I don't know. It just all kind of fell into place. I wanted to do it in the mountains but there was snow, so we went up the canyon as far as I dared in my truck, and that's where it happened.

Did you plan out what you were going to say before?

Not at all and I probably should have. but I'm the kind of person that doesn't really go by plans. I just go with the moment. But overall I think it went well and she was very surprised and excited!

Did it go how you thought it would?

Not really. She did say yes, which I thought would happen. But when I initially proposed she was kind of in shock and it took her at least a minute or two to answer with a yes. She just kept saying, "are you serious?" and every time I was getting more and more nervous. But She finally came out with a YES!

Isn't he a gem!? I love this boy. I am so glad that he did propose to me, and that we have been married almost a year. I wouldn't chose anyone else to have spent all of this time with!

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  1. It was fun reading his answers!
    I had to chuckle at him saying 'Because there were times when I thought she was going to ask me', I am so in the boat HA HA!


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