Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How He proposed.

I had been going to the dentist for the past few weeks in the last part of January and the beginning of February.

We were into our second semester at Snow College, and with a Utah winter, we were stuck inside most days. If Jake didn't have his snowmobile or snow boards at the apartment with him, we were usually inside doing homework, watching movies, or at my parents house playing with my 3 month old niece. 

On February 7th Jake and I were driving home from Walmart when he said, "I am so sick of sitting in the apartment. Do you want to go on a drive up the mountains or something tomorrow?"

I just figured that he really was sick of being cooped up, and totally fell for the obvious. I have been told that when you're being proposed to, the Lord makes you stupid (maybe not stupid) But not notice the obvious so it can be that much more special.

So I suggested that we go up the canyon where I lived, and see how far we could get up with all the snow. I told him we'd have to go after I got out of the dentist though.

So the next day, I wasn't thinking about getting proposed to that day or anything. I just went through my day like normal. When I was done at the dentist I told him I was on my way home. But my sister worked at that office and needed a ride home. So I took her home and the called Jake up to tell him I was on my way over. 

He kept telling me "no its okay I can pick you up from your apartment just go back there. I'll be there in a minute."

and I kept telling him, "no its okay, I'm already in my car and on my way over. see you in a sec." and hung up.

When I got to his apartment, he was sitting in on the couch. So I went and sat by him and asked if we could go before it got too cold. and I had noticed his truck was gone so I asked where it was.

He said that his roommate had taken it to walmart to get a drink because his car was almost out of gas.. 

Which I should have caught on to because his apartment was just up the street from a gas station.

When his roommate got back we left and were on our way. We didn't make it very far up the mountain at all so we turn back around and started to drive back down when he pulled off onto the side of the road and asked if I wanted to shoot his gun for a minute. (he has a sweet gun okay?)

we we got out when he says "can you get it from under the back seat? I have to pee"

Romantic. I Know!

So I lifted up the back seat and there were purple roses. I didn't know what to think. So many things were running through my mind but mostly that I had been hinting towards flowers lately and I thought that he had just bought me flowers. I smiled and moved them aside and reached for the gun. I didn't notice that Jake didn't really go pee and was standing next to me when I handing him the gun and he said, "you can look at the flowers you know."

when I say, "they're for me?!" Duh April. Come on now!

So I picked them up and smelled them. When Jake starts to turn them and says, they're something else with them. When he turned the flowers, there was a ring on the stem of the roses. 

All I could say is "ARE YOU SERIOUS!?" 
Then he got down on one knee and said, "April, will you marry me?"
Short and sweet!

but all I remember saying is are you serious? and giggling. I must've said yes somewhere in there because he put the ring on my finger and we were kissing! I was in shock, and my mouth was still numb from the dentist! 

I love the way that Jake proposed. Every little word is just so him, and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way! 

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