Monday, May 13, 2013

How We Met.

A year ago, I was busy planning a wedding. Our FIRST anniversary is coming up in a few days and I wanted to share a little bit of our love story and everything wedding!

When I graduated high school I was so happy to finally be going to college. One of my childhood friends from down the street invited me to come live with her and another girl I did pageants with. I was so excited to move out and be and adult. We moved in the first of August in 2011. We had all of these plans to have parties all the time and go to all of the football games. It didn't quite work out as planned but I had so much fun living with those girls! 

I was dating a boy I dated on and off through high school. He was about to leave for and LDS mission to Africa. I thought I was the most heart broken girl ever. He left a few days before my birthday in September. When he did leave I cried and cried. all day and didn't want to leave the apartment to go anywhere. One night one of my friends from high school invited me to go to Zumba with her. So I went. After words my sister invited me over for some dessert at her, fiancee's apartment. So I went over in my sweats and messy hair.

I was sitting there eating the richest chocolate melting cake ever when I saw this good looking, hobbling (he was wearing a boot from breaking his ankle) , hott guy come walking through the door. They introduced him to me as Jake.  Oooohhh how sexy he is! I thought.

So later that night I text my sisters fiancĂ© and told him that he had a good looking roommate, and things just went from there. 

My roommates and I had started to plan a group date up the mountains. I wanted to ask Jake. So I got his number and text him but he was gone hunting for the weekend. He apologized many many times and said that we'd have to go on a date another time. 

We were texting all that weekend and eventually started hanging out. We went to the local cheese burger place and got cheese burgers and hot chocolate. That was the most comfortable I have ever felt around a guy I liked. We just kept talking and everything was going so smooth. 

When I would see his truck around campus I would hurry and rip a piece of paper from my notebook, write him a note, and leave it under his windshield wiper. I was smitten! This boy was amazing!

We started hanging out more. He took me on a ride up the mountain on his four wheeler to spot deer at the beginning of a Utah October. It was FREEZING!! 

We were texting all day everyday, and hanging out when ever we weren't in class or I wasn't at work.
I was really falling in love with this boy. He was perfect. After we had spent two months unofficially dating, I decided that I would "dear John" the boy I had sent off on a mission, and really start seriously dating Jake. Good thing I did because after my sisters wedding in December, we started talking about getting married.

We went ring shopping once and only sort of looked at rings. I was not expecting it at all when he proposed to me!

... Watch for the next post on how Jake proposed. 


  1. I really enjoy reading people's love stories! Especially the "How we met" kind! :)


  2. Happy (almost) Anniversary! I love reading people's "how we met" stories. They are all so different and fun!


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