Monday, May 13, 2013


I don't know what is wrong with my internet at home, but I cannot use it. Boo! I know. Worst ever!

But I did get a lot of things done this weekend thanks to it.

Cleaned ... most the house.
Finished the tile.
Found places for all our pictures on our walls.
Played with Sky.
Yelled at Sky for getting in my strawberry plant. (I've been upset all weekend.)
went out to dinner with my honey.
Went shopping and spent wayyyy to much money.

Sunday we woke up and went to my parents house.
We surprised my mom with a new mothers day outfit, and spent the day at church with her.
Had a nice dinner
went on a walk with sky and the sisters
went to see Jakes mom,
ate some cookies, brownies, and candy
went home and played with little sky some more
ate a mango romantically over our kitchen counter (not really, we looked ridiculous passing it back and forth each taking a bite)
and then finally... DUN DA DA DUN!!!
I got to watch my "mothers day" present, Safe Haven.

we figured that I'm not a mom (except to sky, and Mr. T) but Jake said I still deserved a present. :)

What a sweetheart!

What did you do for mothers day?

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