Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Challenge

While hopping around from blog to blog, I found this challenge to blog everyday in the month of May. I feel like once finals started and once we closed on this house everything has just been crazy. I haven't posting on here near as much as I would like so here we go, I'm going to do it. Feel free to join me. Just check out the purpose of this challenge.

I was born into an amazing, loving, family. I spent the first 3 years of my life living in Sandy, Utah in a house with a bullet hole in the front window. I would steal colored marshmallows from our neighbor. 
When we moved to the quiet town I grew up in I made lots of new friends.
I stayed friends with them all through high school.

I graduated in a class of 200 kids.
I was more than half way done with my associates when I went to college and met the love of my life.

We were married last May, and still are just as happy as clams!

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  1. I'm so glad that you are doing the challenge too! And I busted out laughing when you said you would steal color marshmallows. That is just awesome!

    1. Have you seen the billboards around utah county for the country radio station Z104?? Dave and deb? Dave was the neighbor I would get them from! Crazy huh!? probably not but I like to think i know a celebrity! haha!

  2. I love that swinging photo!!!! I want to do this challenge but I had SO many other things I wanted to post in May that I'm having a crisis and trying to decide what to do. I thought maybe I'd do this in July, or I could still do it in May and have two posts most days :P Choices, choices....



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