Thursday, June 20, 2013

Step one.

My name is April Hansen, and I have an addiction, 

to shopping. 

Last night my mother-in-law and I went to a skirt party.

I walked in and knew it would be bad when I saw all of the piles and piles of skirts. And knew I needed to limit myself to one. Maybe two. 

We started looking around and soon I had armfuls of skirts. Its a problem. Finally I narrowed it down to one skirt. (pictures to come!) As we went to go check out, I found another skirt and I was talked into it. Haha!

So Here I am, an addict. 

Completing step one, admitting it.

***this all happening after I started making a budget to start Dave Ramseys' Total Money Makeover. Shopping doesn't help with that at all*** 



  1. Hooray!!! We love Total Money Makeover at our house, it's the best!!! :) And I applaud you at sticking to your guns and being able to narrow that pile down!


  2. I'm an addict too. It's been a problem. When we first got married, we were so so poor & I enjoyed not WANTING to go shopping all the time. But now, it's like...a problem. If you find some sort of intervention..let me know? hahah!



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