Tuesday, July 23, 2013

husband, oh husband.

Growing up, my family's humor is to mock and make fun of each other. As per usual, I picked it up. When I got to college and by the time I met Jake, I tried not to do that near as much but it obviously was still there. When we were first married I realized that I would say things out in public and to our friends that I shouldn't. I would be joking but these people who didn't know me very well didn't know that I was.

So a few months into our marriage I realized that the things I'm saying could possibly be hurting Jake. So one night I brought it up and asked him if they were getting to him and affecting him. I remember that day because I decided that I would be a better wife. He said that he knew that's how I was, but it did get to him some times.

From then on I made the decision that I would be better. That I would really try to uplift my husband, and make everyone jealous when I talked about him because he is the best husband ever!

That is one thing I have been working on, but while starting this new job, I have really realized that I have done better. I talk about Jake like he is a prince who moves mountains. Because in fact, that is exactly how he is.

Now I'm not saying that I'm perfect by any means. I do occasionally joke around and catch myself saying something about Jake, or to Jake that someone might not take the way I mean it. So I stop myself, apologize, and move on.

Time with Jake has been so much better since I decided to do that. I will be with him into the eternities and I don't want him regretting his decision to be with me.

Challenge: uplift everyone around you. Pick one person that you are around most days and make them feel better.
Life will be better, and you will be happier!!


  1. Challenge accepted!

  2. Yes, challenge accepted to me, too. But I have to say, I'm super impressed with the way you handled all of that...confronting your husband, asking him that, I find that so many of my friends avoid confrontation. And in a marriage? Avoiding that could be dangerous. Reeealll dangerous. So kudos!


  3. Oh my gosh-- such sweet sweet photos! I accept this challenge as well :)


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