Wednesday, July 10, 2013


So I woke up this morning and realized that I hadn't written a post. Honestly, I thought it was Tuesday!

Don't judge me. It been a long week already.

But remember a few weeks ago when I posted a picture of my cute little desk that I re-did (is that a word?) Well, I wont be showing that to you today, but soon. The week before our house warming party I made 3 crafts in one week. I felt accomplished, and it made our house look awesome.

Today I am going to show you the shadowbox that I made for our bedroom.


Don't mind the bright light :) It was pretty early.

Here we go


-Shadowbox, Whatever size you want ( I got mine on wayyy super sale at Michaels.)
-Items to remember
-Something to attach everything to the box. (I used hot glue but you can use pins, any kind of glue, or            Velcro.)
-Background if you want one. ( I just stuck with the black.)

Next, take that back off and arrange how you want your shadowbox to look.

(this one obviously isn't the arrangement that I went with. but you get the idea)

The easiest way that I found was the take a picture of the arrangement and then glue it all to the back board by looking at the picture. 

Wala you're done! Hang it up and stare at your amazing work.

I saw one of these on pinterest when I was planning our wedding. So I started saving everything, and it really paid off. I love the way it looks and we can remember quite a lot of things by it.

Happy Wednesday!!!

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