Monday, July 8, 2013


We had a pretty busy weekend. Starting on Thursday! Happy Fourth of July by the way! :)

We took advantage of the day off and slept in, then went boating. I got a much needed tan which was very nice.

That night we went to Stadium of Fire. It was my first time going, and it was quite the experience. We went with most of the Hansen side of the family. I love spending time with Jakes family especially when we can all just party and have fun together.

The next day I had to go to work, then we headed off to Scofield to go camping with some of our friends. When we left the sky was black. It was so dark because of the huge rain storm that was headed in. We were ahead of it at least.

We stayed up with them playing cards and playing with their little boy. The next morning the guys were up bright and early to go fishing, as men do :)

As us girls stayed at the trailer and watched a chick flick, The Last Song.

Later after the guys got back to make breakfast for us, I went with Jake to go fishing. Right as he carried me to the boat my phone slipped out of my pocket and into the lake. Jake... sort of caught it. And as of right now it is doing fine. Thank goodness.

This weekend in Scofield, it was Scofield days. So we sat outside and watched all the fireworks they shot off from an island in the middle of the lake. Then we went country dancing/people watching. I sure do love small town events like that. Its so funny to watch stuff like that.

We sure had a fun weekend, but I'm glad to be in my warm home while its stormy outside.

And I am for sure excited about camping with my fam this weekend.

And aslo, this is my last week in at the Orem branch! holla!!

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