Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Hello for the Lake of the Powell! I am so happy I love Lake Powell. If I could I would live here and just be a beach bum.

Really though.

Since we have moved into our new ward everyone has been so kind to us and so welcoming. I have absolutely loved it compared to our Mapleton ward. There is a relief society page on Facebook for our ward, and the ladies post good news, questions, and all sorts of stuff on there daily. It is fun to get to know the people in my ward that way and see what I can to help them out.

 The other day was trash day and I was running late for work, and Jake forgot to take it out on his way to work.

I hadn't ever posted anything on the relief society page, except when I needed a sub for my primary class. So I just posted that I would make anyone a treat who lived close to us that could run by our house and take our garbage can out to the street.

Within a matter of minutes the ward mission leader (I think that's what her position is) posted and said that she didn't need a treat and that my garbage can was taken out to the street.

This lady. WOW! I really can't tell you all the amazing stories that I've heard about her. That she is just always doing service and helping people out. The first week we moved in she found out and came and welcomed us with open arms.

She really is an example to me because she will do things for others without thinking twice. It doesn't matter who it is, or what is it she is there in a heartbeat. What an amazing person that is to do charity out of the good of their heart. Not because they want recognition, or they want praise, they just want to help out. Just something to think about for sure.

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  1. That is so great! It is always a great thing to have a loving, fun ward! We are leaving ours right now and I'm going to miss my young women so much :(


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