Thursday, August 8, 2013

Things that make me really happy

There are some things in life that really are awesome when they come unexpected.

1. Being told you are done paying on a bill
2. Finding money in your pocket
3. Finding out that you have PTO and you now get to take it off!!!

I got to work the other morning and my boss called me into her office. She started asking me my hire date, and the days I had off already. Then she tells me that I have 96 hours left that I can use for vacation. that 16 days!!

So now you can bet that I am planning all sorts of vacations and trips. Jake of course doesn't have all that time off so, I am going to travel the world alone. haha. Only kidding.

Except for now I am going to be planning a trip to Vegas for the NFR. (we were already planning on going) but now I get paid to go watch attractive cowboys. With my attractive cowboy.

If you have never been to or heard of  the NFR, it stands for National Finals Rodeo. This is pretty much the big show and rodeo that all cowboys are working towards. They are put into they ranks by how much money they have won throughout the year. The top 10 get to compete in the NFR. They get a buckle, saddle, and even one person wins a new truck, and of course money.

Pretty much it is really fun, and I am getting really excited to go!

What would you do with 16 days off??

I'm off to enjoy the sunshine and warm water!!


  1. That is so awesome!! I have always wanted to go to watch the NFR!

  2. Wow, 96 hours is a big deal to find out you have! Lucky you! :)

  3. I would love to go see the NFR!


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