Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Letting go of the little stuff

Today in my usual daily read of the news, I stumbled upon this story.

This lady was going to have a get together, and needed corn. She had asked her husband to pick it up and he forgot. (sound familiar to anyone) long story short they went to go get the corn and the corn stand was closed for the night. She was starting to get mad, then realized that she didn't need to make her husband feel like a failure over corn. It was just food. Then BAM! They found another corn stand. And everything was good.

This last week in Lake Powell I had a little something like this happen. Well, it was mostly me being crazy, but either way. The guys had all gone out to go boating. Jake's cousin asked his wife (who was sitting right next to me) if she wanted to go with them, she declined and they left. I was hurt that Jake didn't ask me, and later when I asked him he said he figured I wouldn't want to go if Tia wasn't going.

I felt bad that I was upset with him over something so little, but I worked it out because it was stupid to be mad at Jake over going boating. When we were in Lake Powell. Where we can go boating all day everyday.

It was all okay. But I have to constantly remind myself that some of the little things in life that irritate me are not worth the fight. You have to pick your battles for sure. Most the time it is just me being a crazy lady.

Happy Wednesday

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