Wednesday, September 18, 2013

21 st

Here are just a few little pictures from my birthday extravaganza.

It was just a normal Monday, but handsome Jake made it better. I knew what most my presents were, which I felt bad about. When I got home from work I laid in bed just trying to rest for a bit when I heard the doorbell. And there Jake was with a bouquet of flowers and $50 of gambling money.

My 21st birthday was a success, and I can't wait for our mini trip to Mesquite in a couple weeks.

Happy Humpday!

P.s. Jake got me a new DSLR. Any tips that I should know!? some one needs to come and teach me a few things!


  1. What fun pictures! Happy belated 21st birthday :D
    I have no clue how to work a DSLR, I'm absolutely no help ha ha.

  2. Happy 21, dear! That is darn exciting. When I got my DSLR, I had noooo idea what was going on or how to work it/cool effects & stuff. This tutorial SAVED my butt. Enjoy!

  3. I'm so sad I didn't know it was your bday. Happy late birthday! I still have no idea how to use my camera, but I am determined to learn.


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