Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Birthday blues.

I took a little break yesterday day because, well it was my birthday. And because I can do what I want.

Every year after my birthday is over, the next day is a little sad. Its not as exciting, you don't get presents, you don't get cake, and a fancy dinner. Birthday blues for sure.

A little recap on last weeks challenge.

It was to Acquire a spirit of self sacrifice. Well this thing was really hard to do with it being the week before my birthday. But somehow I managed. Kind of.  But Jake was so sweet and surprised me one day.

For work we have to take tests to make sure we know what we are doing with either Tellering or New Accounts. And where I do both, I have that many more tests to take. When I was working in Orem I had taken one test for the teller side and missed one question too many. When I moved branches I took the test again, and same thing happened. So last week was my chance to take it again and **drum roll*** I got 100%. It took forever, but I did it. So Jake took me out. He told me to get dressed and asked me where I wanted to eat.

When we passed the exit to go eat at Zupa's I was a little concerned.

We ended up in West Valley (eek) but there he bought my birthday present. A new camera! Best husband award. Then we went and had some dinner with my sissy and her bf, and walked around city creek.

So those of you who saw my post on instagram that said Jake kidnapped me, I am okay.

For this week the challenge is to Accept personal responsibility for spiritual strength, health, education, employment, finances, food, and other life-sustaining necessities.

This is something that I have learned to do growing up, is to own up to whatever happens and take full responsibility for it. In our marriage I am in charge of looking at our bank accounts and making sure that we don't have fraud, and get our bills paid. If something happens that I of course talk to Jake about it, but I accept what happens with our money good or bad.

When we first got married I was so excited to be the one who made dinner every night and went shopping for all the food. But it is also my responsibility that I make something that is healthy for us. I had some problems with my stomach last year. I couldn't eat really greasy food, or anything with lots of fat. We had salads a lot and Jake was good to enjoy it. Thank goodness I got over that, but I take full responsibility for my weight gain! :)

In young womens I made a list of all of the qualities that I would like my husband to have (Jake had them all!) but one of them was that I would marry someone who would make me better than I was. And he does for sure. But if there is anything spiritually missing in my life, I can't blame Jake for it. Even though we do work on things together, I cannot blame him if I am reading books, watching movies, or listening to music that doesn't uplift my life.

This is something that I am going to have to work on a little bit more this week! Hope you all have been at least learning something. Have a good Tuesday.

I'm ready for Friday. Anyone else!?

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