Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday 500

September List of Happiness
-I can't wait for the fall leaves to turn their pretty colors.
-My birthday is in 10 days, 21 years old? what!? 
- I would really truly like to sleep all day.
- I plan vacations every other day, and now I can't decide where Jake and I are going.
So far on the list is cancun, oklahoma, or the NFR. I have a problem.
-Talking with my coworkers, and laughing my head off.
- I has rained for the past 5 days here. I love it.

Okay one unhappy thing. I went to the doctor the other day and got called back to the exam room. The nurse did her thing then said, "okay the doctor will be in a minute." I sat there and waited for 45 minutes. Should I have said something? I really wanted to go out and either leave, or remind them that I was still in there. What would have you done?

On another note, I have been stuck on this level of Candy Crush for a while now. And I cannot pass it, I don't like lebron, but I may be crying when I do finally pass it.

Happy Friday ya'll!


  1. Totally get the Candy Crush not beating a level thing!

  2. Sounds like you have quite a few happies!
    I hate when I get stuck waiting forever at the doctors. There's been a couple times at my son's appointments that I will go out and ask a nurse what the hold up is.
    I am so with you on the candy crush thing. That game, ugh. Ha ha!

  3. Fall is the best, any month when it's your birthday is AWESOME, Cancun is on our list for our next trip so Joe can go back to his mission area, and this list is great :)

  4. well now you have to plan your florida vacation!!


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