Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The time I was THAT person.

This weeks challenge is to Acquire a spirit of self-sacrifice.

Mothers, I'm sure have to really have this attribute. My momma was always giving up something she wanted, or something she wanted to do so that one of us kids could do something.

My momma is a champ.

This as a wife is sometimes hard to do. I do make the shopping list, and I pretty much choose what food we have in the house. But I do sacrifice sometimes. More than when I was single. I am going to try to be a lot better about doing things for my hubby and being happy about it

On another note. Working at a bank, I have had people yell at me on the phone, and get mad at me for things that I cannot control. So, I try not to be that person when I go to other places, and something happens. But today, I was THAT person!!

There was a mixup with our mortgage payment this last month and I spent a week of my lunch breaks calling banks trying to figure out what had gone wrong. So this morning I got an email explaining that our payment never went through, when I had got confirmation emails, and even a statement. So I called up their customer service and chewed some lady out and ended up hanging up on her.
So I went online trying to make my, now, late payment and I get locked out of my account. So pretty much... this is was a bad Monday. I need a funny picture or something.

someone help! :)

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