Friday, September 13, 2013

Rainy day Friday

At first when I said the title in my head I was like, "hey! That rhymes." ... no.

If you live in Utah, you probably got A TON of rain yesterday. I was sitting at work while that wonderful storm came in. When it rains all I want to be doing is sitting on my couch with a hot cup of hot chocolate, wrapped up in a blanket, watching Friends reruns. 

That's all I ask. 

So dear Friday. If you need to let some water loose. Please wait until Saturday so I can enjoy it from the comforts of my home. please and thank you. 

Happy Friday the 13th. :)


  1. Seriously! This morning when I went to leave for work, I wanted to curl up in bed with my husband and the puppy! Luckily the sun came out so I'm not AS eager to do that.

  2. it's definitely time for sitting inside with hot chocolate & bed cuddles.

  3. hahah if it makes you feel better, i totally thought it rhymed too =P and amen to that rainy weather ritual. one time i watched friends for 6 hours straight, so i'm on your side for that one.

    xo marlen
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