Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Everyone who saw my instagram picture last night about Jake kidnapping me, I would like you to know that I am okay, and he sure did surprise and spoil me! I can't share until later just for the fun of it!

But today I just wanted to share my little story of 9/11.

I was in my classroom as a little 4th grader. All the sudden the teachers were getting us into a line to go watch something in another classroom. There we sat on the floor all squished next to the other 4th graders. There we watched the news about two tall buildings that got hit with a plane. The teachers were all talking and some were crying. We really didn't understand what was happening. Later we went outside. The whole school was standing around the flag pole. Our principal, Mrs. Ellison, told us that because of this great tragedy and loss that had happened today, that we would have a moment of silence for those who had died.

There I said I silent prayer. A simple on that children say. I asked that comfort could be with the families of those who had died. I still didn't understand.

When I went home that day, I was folding laundry with my older sister when my brother turned on the tv to the news. There it was again. Everything we had been watching all day at school. But we were seeing stuff that I didn't see at school. I saw people jumping out of buildings. I still didn't understand what was happening.

Finally, I asked my sister what was going on, and she told me.
That the bad guys had flown a plane into this big important building. Then another bad guy did the same to the second building. These people were trying to survive. The buildings were on fire, and they were jumping to live. Jumping to escape the fire. Jumping because one of the buildings had just fallen.

Now I understood.

As I have grown and matured during these years that the tragic day happened, I still don't understand. Why it had to happen. Why to those innocent people. Why do babies have to go to bed at night without their daddy. Why do wives have to lay in bed alone. Everyone had heard so many stories of all of those people who forgot something at home that day, who had woke up sick, but they went anyways. So many people evacuated the second building, they were out. They were alive. And then they were told to go back to work.

I don't think anyone will ever understand what happened that day, and why.

But it has had such an impact on our county, and we have become united. Especially on this day. Everyone mourns for the ones who died that day.

I had an uncle and cousin who both served in the war that was started because of this. I am very grateful that they both were watched over, and they are okay. And that they get to come home every night to their loving families.

My heart goes out to the families that lost a loved one that day.
As well as those who have family members to are currently serving.

I am so proud to be an American.
And that I live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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  1. I was the same age and now twelve years later, I still can't grasp why people kill other innocent people. I have sent a stepdad and stepbrother overseas and thank God they were both returned safely!


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