Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Haunting

Halloween isn't my favorite holiday, but it is one that I enjoy. Who doesn't enjoy dressing up, having fun, and eating a ton of candy? Any human should be enjoying this holiday.

Wait, is it actually a holiday?

When I first met Jake, it was in late September. That October we were to the point where we had finally told each other that we liked one another. I was working that night so I dressed up and went to work. When I was about to get off he came to visit me, and we spent the night with some friends eating good food, playing games, and eating lots of candy.

halloween 2012

Last year was our first year married. I wanted to do something as a couple but Jake didn't want to be anything but a cowboy. I don't know how I finally came to the conclusion that I was going to be cat woman, but that's what I was. It was a fun night to go to the annual Hansen family Halloween party. It is so fun to see all the little cousins dressed up and so excited.

our first halloween together, 2011

last night we scrambled to get the last of our stuff ready for our costumes. i will post pictures later of our costumes this year.
what are you being for halloween?

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  1. Hope you guys have a wonderful Halloween!
    I was Little Red Riding Hood (:


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