Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Slew of pictures

So last night after a killer day DIY day, I went through my pictures and thought I would share some of my favorites that I've found!

Disclaimer For Case Family: you may get embarrassed, sorry!!

Down south for the weekend for Mom's birthday.  Its always a fight at who gets to hold Kyah Mae first!

That time in February I discovered manual focus, this one obviously was not when I got it!

That one time I tried to take pictures of our bedroom for the blog, and it really was only okay!

Fall asleep in my car, you get your picture taken, and put on the blog! :)

haha! This is on here mainly because of Ashley's face... sorry Ash :)

Model Husband. I would pay money to see that face!

Gorgeous little sista going to prom. I'm in love with her dress.

I think she's starting to pose for me now! Good girl.

A little shot of spring. So happy about it all!

When we tried to play Ellen Degeneres's iPhone game Heads-up. We found out how special we all are!

Happy humpday.

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