Wednesday, March 19, 2014

10 things i like about myself

I have a friend at Life & Lemons that posted this post the other day that got me thinking, and I decided to do a post like it!

Picture taken last Spring for our 1st anniversary, by Kelly Clark

Here are 10 things that I like about myself: hard to do, yes, but learned about myself a little bit!

1// My hair- I do complain about my hair every other day because it is thick and getting longer, but at the same time I am grateful that I have so much hair. I have friends that are jealous because they have really thin hair, and I'm jealous of their hair. But overall I really like my hair.

2// I Can Cook- It doesn't happen very often as mentioned here. But when it does happen, I will admit that I'm pretty darn good. Thank you Dad for teaching me, and my uncles for their Texan flare that rubbed off on me.

3// My Wandering Mind- Sometimes this can be a downfall. Thinking of things that happened in the past, thinking how things could've gone different, things I should've said. But there are times when my wandering mind really does good, great things happen. Lots of money probably get spent as well (such as our kitchen reno) but things are getting done, and they are just like I pictured in my mind.

4// Need to read- I love that I love to read. I learn new things and get to live in a different world for a while. Reading makes me feel a sense of happiness that I can't feel anywhere else. I have always been a reader, as long as I can remember and I still thoroughly enjoy it. If you give me a good book I won't put it down or sleep until its finished. (here are some of my favorite books that I read last winter/spring)

5// Indian Heritage- I have never not liked this about myself, but this is defiantly an added bonus. The bad thing of it all is that I am from two different tribes, and you can legally be registered as one. Its a tough choice that I still haven't made. One thing that I love about this is my dark skin. I'll just come out and say it! Its nice that in the winter time I do get white, but I'm not super white! :)

6// I have a big heart- Friends, Family, animals, movies, COMMERCIALS!! If something happens it effects me, and its hard for me to let it go. Oh and also I cry. At the same time, I am always open to making new friends, and once I do I care about them, and it usually comes back to bite me in the butt, but it is true.

7// True F.r.i.e.n.d.s Fan- I have been a friends fan all my life, therefore I have the right to like that about myself!  I remember having to wait to see the next episode until the next Thursday, I remember crying the first time Ross and Rachel broke up. I cried when the season ended, and I still cry when I re-watch them. I can quote every episode before the characters say their lines. Most things in my life remind me of a Friends episode. I truly love Friends, and I truly love that I'm a fan!

8// The church is my anchor- When every I have a good day, or bad day, the first thing I turn to is Jake and the gospel. If I'm laying in bed thinking about things that I want that I can't have, or having selfish thoughts, I stop myself and think that Satan is putting the selfish thoughts in my head, and silently say a prayer. In high school there was a time when I started to fall away from the church. At the time I was fine with it, I didn't think I needed the gospel in my life anymore, and I could come back eventually after I did the things I wanted to do. One day I drove home from work and saw the Manti Temple and just broke down in tears. I knew that I needed it in my life, and it has been ever since. I am so grateful that I have a husband that is the same way!

9// Summertime Girl - I do like winter, mostly because I can go snowmobiling with my Jake. But I am a summer girl. I love the sunshine, sitting in the shade and reading, BBQ's, Flowers, warmth, the smell of fresh cut grass, swimming, boating, sand. I love it all, and I love that I love it!

10// Family- I know I am 100% bias but I think that I have the best family ever. I don't think I could've hand picked them any better! First off Jake and Sky. They are my entire world. They both make me laugh and are there for me when I cry. They are everything!! My immediate family has been there for me through thick and thin. They are all my best friends. Including my In-laws. Yesterday, with my wandering mind, I was thinking about a guy I dated in high school, and how me and his mom didn't get along and I just figured that one day we would get over it and work it out. Jakes mom is one of my best friends. I love to talk with her, go shopping, watch movies. We just have fun together. And Jakes Dad and Brother, I know that they would do anything for me. I love them just as if I were born into their family. Extended family means as much to me as my immediate family! They are the people that bring me joy. It makes me feel better knowing that I have people who love me and will always stand by me. Family is so so so important to me, and I love mine the most!

what are somethings that you like about yourself??


  1. You are so awesome! Haha I actually just did a post on this same thing yesterday. Great minds think alike I guess!

  2. Things I love about you... All of the above. You're awesome. P.S F.R.I.E.N.D.S is the greatest show of all time. Period, end of story. They should have a reunion, and make some more :)

  3. April I love this post! I feel like I could have written part of it myself since we seem to have so much in common. I too love to cook & read, I cry at things like sweet commercials (that Budweiser puppy commercial that played during the superbowl had me in tears everytime!), I definitely have a wandering mind so much that I can't fall asleep some nights, I am a summertime girl which is why I'm so glad the weather is finally turning to spring here in New England, and family is everything to me. Oh and how could I forget, golden retrievers are awesome ;)
    This post helped me get to know you a little better and I'm looking forward to reading more!
    Your Carabox partner, Caitlin


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