Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wonderful World of color

So last night I was making dinner like a champ, for once.

**Side note, where has all my cooking motivation gone? am I the only one???**

Anywhoo! and then I noticed, my kitchen is super colorful and I decided to share!

I love my 12 month happiness prints that I bought from Lex. They are my favorite for sure!!!

Friends, do you have any fun recipes for me to try? maybe that will help my cooking motivation.


  1. so cute! where did you get that white picture frame that is standing up on your table? i love that!

    1. Thanks, i love it too!!! I got it at Ikea, 99 cents!! So of course i had to pick up like 10 of them!!! :)

  2. Your kitchen is super cute! I need to clean up my kitchen and get rid of a lot of our stuff that we NEVER use ha ha.
    I've actually been cooking A LOT more lately, it's strange. I made homemade chicken bacon alfredo and vegetable beef barley soup! Later on in the menu is more chicken alfredo and some chili :D

  3. We have the same soap :) That makes my heart smile. Bath and Body Works is hands down, best store ever. :)


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