Thursday, July 31, 2014

That one time

Thank you so much everyone for all of the love and support you have shown Jake and I. We really appreciate every text, phone call, and comment! Thank you Thank you! This is all becoming a little more real!

Some of my thoughts while I had to keep this beb a secret!!


Monday, May 26, 2014


we get one!! Positive pregnancy test! I have been feeling kind of off lately.. moody and sore tata's and such. I woke up and took a pregnancy test just to make sure that I could rule that out. I was like a week away from my expected period anyways. It popped up quickly with the big 'PREGNANT' words on the front. I grabbed it and ran downstairs with it behind my back, mouth wide open and showed Jake.

This time around, new doctor, he has put me on progesterone to make sure I keep this little one in for reals this time.

I keep having this feeling that its going to really work and it kind of freaks me out. I am going to be a mom! What the!?

Heres to making it to June 30th! First appointment!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Let the nauseouseness begin! Yesterday at church I was getting sick on and off, good thing I brought my crackers with me. Today at work it got  10 times worse. While sitting at my desk I felt as though I could run to the bathroom at any time. But again, thank goodness for my crackers. Then waiting at the car place for 40 minutes waiting to pick up my car really was hell! Didn't they know I just wanted to barf? That's okay, my car is fixed.

Naps, Sprite, and crackers are my friends.

but my bestie sure is the couch.

On Saturday we passed one milestone. We have passed the point of the last miscarriage, now 21 more days and we will be well on our way to a great pregnancy.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Man, I'm doing pretty good with every other Monday!
I am starting to realized what people said about pregnancy glow really being from sweat and throw up. Its disgustingly true. But I'll take it over not having it. It is nice to wake up and know that yes, I am still pregnant.
The first week in June we did have a spotting scare. It only lasted a couple of days so that wasn't bad but we did blood work to make sure everything was okay. I love my doctor because he let me come back last week too and do blood work again to make sure everything is still on track. Which it is. The first time my HCG levels started at 1,300 and went up to 1,700. Last week it started at 12,000 and went up to 90,000.. pretty much that is a VERY good sign. I am getting so excited to go to my doctors appointment next week and see our little bean.

We have started telling more and more family. We told our families during our scare the first week in June, and have now started telling extended family. Jake slips WAY more than I do and I sort of like it. He is excited. Deep down :)

Here's to one more week!!

July 8, 2014

We got to see our little alien last week, and hear the heart beat. It was so crazy, my heart was beating so fast because I couldn't believe that we've made it to the point that we ACTUALLY got to see something in there!!!! I am so grateful for my doctor. I have been told that my pregnancy is high risk.. kind of crappy. Lots of laying down and chilling. But also more ultrasounds (like last week) and blood work. When I went to my appointment, Dr. said you need to get an ultrasound THIS WEEK! sure! Okay! :)
I was so happy when the tech sat on the baby for a little bit and let us see him wiggle around (we don't know the gender.. just what we kept calling it!)
It still isn't very real to me yet. I did get some Zofran to help with my morning sickness, but I don't always take it early enough and end up in the bathroom anyways.
We also got moved up two days. February 5, 2015 here we come!!!
I love it because I am almost 10 weeks. I can hardly stand it! I am starting to get a little pooch, but lets be honest, most of it is from all the crap I've eaten and lack of moving around. Yesterday I got a small boost of energy and painted the rocking chair I've had for a while to go in the bebe's room. Jake and I are not getting excited about having to move our junk out of there.
oh well! Lake Powell is this week... I'm a little nervous about possibly barfing in front of the family, but here we go! Oh! All the family knows now!! YAY! no more secrets. Hansen's and Sanderson's. Its good to have it out.

Happy weekend.. Mine starts today! :)

July 25, 2014
Yesterday I made it to 12 weeks. First trimester is almost over!! How did that go by so fast and slow at the same time? well I have known since week 4! That makes things drag out a bit. I have been on progesterone to keep the babe in my belly. Called the doctor today and I can officially stop taking it. I am a bit nervous that my body isn't ready for it but my doctor seemed pretty confident, so I'm trusting him and saying my prayers!
The plan is to announce to the social media world next week after we hear the heartbeat on Monday. I just want to make sure everything is A-Okay before I let you all know my secret. I have held this in so long I have gotten to the point where I don't have a need to tell everyone.
Whenever we talk about the babe, Jake tells me how excited he is to be a dad! That he can't wait to know what it is and that we should find out early.
It calms my nerves a bit to know that he is so calm about it all! I love that boy!
Well, here's the last post before you know!! :) yay!

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