Wednesday, August 20, 2014

pizza, ole'!

So I love pizza! That is pretty much the only constant thing we've eaten throughout out marriage. Frozen pizza's are my specialty or delivery. When we moved into our house I was at the grocery store and found the Pillsbury pizza dough!!! How did I not know this existed? My mom would ALWAYS make her pizza dough from scratch and might be appalled that I don't make my own, maybe I'll raid her recipe box next time I visit.

Anyways, I try to mix things up with my usual meals so Jake doesn't think I know how to make only 3 things, or so he doesn't get bored of my cooking, which might be happening!

So one night I decided that I wanted cheese stuff crust pizza, but I wasn't willing to pay $50 for someone to make it for me and I didn't feel like driving to the grocery store. I went digging in my fridge and found that I had a package of string cheese! Yay! So I busted out my glass casserole dish and sprayed it down, put the dough on and stretched it a bit. Then I took the string cheese and cut it in half the "hot dog" way so there wasn't near as much to cover. I pulled the crust over the cheese and tucked it in nice and snug, like a bug in a rug.

Then added toppings and through it in the oven until the crust was a nice golden brown.

**The worst picture of food ever taken!**

Jakes cousin's came over after their kickball game and I was happy I had made this for dinner and had enough for everyone! It's a simple and easy way to make a simple pizza super yummy!!!

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