Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dear Hubs

Dear Husband,

Thank you for putting up with all of my mood swings, and the fact that I cried when I got food in my hair and when the pot wasn't clean to make mac and cheese, and all those other times. You are a pretty awesome guy for putting up with all these crazy things happening. Like me grabbing your hand and making you feel my belly even though you think its gross. Sorry our bedroom smells like pickles at night and I make you bring me home hot chocolate on a 100 degree day. Thank you for giving up your relaxing time for helping me (doing all the work) paint and recover the rocking chair. I am sorry I snapped at you after I had heartburn and went to the gas station to get tums and the guy cut me off, I'm sorry. But I am so excited that we get to have this baby, and I am even more excited to go in early and find out what we're having NEXT WEEK!! (feel free to make your guesses  on the side) You make me really happy, and I am so glad your my baby daddy! I love you. Thanks for being such a tough/hard worker, and such a caring guy all at once. You're my #1, forever!


The crazy lady

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