Friday, August 8, 2014

The Pro's and Con's of the pregnancy world

I know I know. You're thinking there is really one Pro for pregnancy and that's the creature you're growing inside of you! Yes, but if you've been pregnant, you know we go through some crazy stuff.

Here are a few.

Pro's and Con's of the wonderful thing called pregnancy

Pro - Pretty hair - I feel like my hair has been overall softer and shinier, and has been growing really fast! It has been quite nice, hence the reason why I went back to my natural color, so I don't have to worry about dying my hair anymore.

Con- along with the hair, the morning sickness- I have had morning sickness since week 5! Here we are in week 13 and if I don't take my Zofran early enough in the morning (before I'm really truly awake) then I am sick all day. And have to tell my hairdresser that if I get up and start running that I will be back! ugh!

Pro - I get to eat pickles and cheese in bed at 10 pm - I don't know if I would say that pickles and cheese are a weird craving that I've had, I've always loved pickles and cheese, but that is what sounded soooooo good to me that night.

Con - the pains - I always read that there were some growing pains and such that you experience during pregnancy, but its so unexpected. Such as round ligament pain, you turn a certain way in bed to quickly, sneeze, or laugh too hard it hurts! It does go away but it stays for a good 30 seconds. Do I just have to learn to be more gentle?? Cramps, Sunday I woke up at 6 and laid in bed with cramps until 11 or 12. I am so happy that I'm growing but it hurts.

Pro- Shopping - you get to go shopping for all of the cutesie baby clothes! awww! Jake and I went to Carters over the weekend and I squealed over everything in the store! And then cried because we don't know what we're having yet.

Con- HORMONES! - this is so so bad for me. When I was on birth control, I was a crazy woman, and once I was off of it I felt amazing and like myself again. Well I feel like that crazy woman again. Jake has experienced all of my melt downs and he's still hanging around.. such a good guy! But really I cry over the most ridiculous stuff. I came home late on Friday from work after helping extra customers, and there was KNEADERS CHOCOLATE CHIP BREAD sitting on my counter!! so of course I start taking off the paper tied to it and just about to open the bread when Jake yells from downstairs, "don't eat that bread!"... you don't tell a pregnant girl what she can't eat! So he came up to tell me that it was for our neighbors and her visiting teacher brought it over for us to give to them because they weren't home. So I violently tied that piece of paper back on the bread went and laid on my bed and cried, and somewhere in between Jake got smacked on the head. I really don't remember what happened but, seriously!? I am ridiculous! It was a stinking loaf of bread! hormones..

Pro - I get a baby at the end of all this madness!

Is there anything else I am missing??

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