Monday, September 1, 2014

17 weeks

**Picture taken at 16w. 3d

17 weeks. It still hasn't sunk in that I'm pregnant. Mostly because my belly comes and goes. I'm still sick most mornings and some nights. I am hoping that once we find out what we are having (THURSDAY!!!!) that it will make this all a little more real! But I have gone up 2 bra sizes, WHOOO! This weekend my sister, Ashley, and I went shopping and picked up somethings for the babies room that will work with my theme for either gender! :) I am more than excited to start putting the nursery together!
I am still waiting for this little one to start moving around. That will be one of the best days... I cannot wait.
Momma's out there, I'm starting to make a list of essentials that I will need for the babe, what are somethings that you have sworn by that you can't live without?

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