Wednesday, October 15, 2014

23 weeks

HOW FAR ALONG: 23 weeks + 4 days. 17 weeks left! Hopefully less

MATERNITY CLOTHES: About a month ago I still didn't really have a belly and I could fit into my regular jeans, but I finally caved and bought two pairs of maternity jeans from Old Navy, I am in love!!! I should have bought those dang things forever ago!

WEIGHT GAIN/LOSS: I have gained about a pound. Not going to lie, I thought I would never be concerned about not gaining weight in my pregnancy. I did tell Jake that I was scared I was going to gain a ton of weight and have to work REALLY hard to take it off, but now I'm working on eating more and not barfing (tmi?) up my breakfast everyday!

BEST THING THIS WEEK: We were laying in bed trying to fall asleep when Jake asks, "has she been moving a lot?" then rolls over and puts his hand on my stomach waiting for her to move around. He is going to be the best dad! I can't wait, and I know he can't either!
Oh we also went baby shopping last weekend. I can't help myself when I see all the cute little itty baby stuff. Socks, mittens, CARDIGANS! Ahh I die!!!

MOVEMENTS: She moves a lot! It is so fun to feel her, but it has gotten weird because I can feel her kicking in the back and its just strange. Oh also, she has now gotten big enough that her kicks to my bladder have more of an impact than they used to!

FOOD CRAVINGS/AVERSIONS: Nothing that's too apparent right now. I have been on a cooking fix lately. Homemade food is probably my craving. I don't feel like eating out, but I do want cooked veggies.. lots of cooked veggies!

WHAT I MISS: not having a sore back. I love this little lady but man my back! And I can't decide if its the way that I have been sleeping or my morning huddle around the toilet or if she's just going through a growth spurt!

SLEEP: Once I am in bed and wrapped around my pregnancy pillow I am out like a light. Jake says that I've been a really light sleeper but most mornings I wake up feeling pretty refreshed! I'm enjoying it while I can!

WHAT I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO: My baby shower my mom is hosting for me in November, and seeing my Aunt from Oklahoma who will be coming! I trying my best to plan stuff to do/look forward to, to make time move quickly!
shhh.. I'm also really excited for Christmas :) eek!


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  1. Oh my goodness, you look SO cute!
    Having a girl is dangerous (but I would imagine it's the same for baby boys??) because the clothes are too die for! I seriously think I'm living vicariously through Mia as I dress her each day, HA! Sooooo fun!
    My back was so sore most of my pregnancy as well :( At least these babes are worth the aches and pains, ha!


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