Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hair Probs

This picture was taken after I went to go get my hair done. Ever since I got pregnant I wanted to simplify my life and minimize my expenses. So I dyed my hair back to my natural color. Well that dang blonde, from my melt before, was starting to show through and my ends were absolutely horrible that you could just look at me and see where my healthy hair started and where all of those pesky dead ends were. So I went on down to my trusty salon. I have been there enough times that I knew that whom ever they put my appointment with would do excellent work on this mane of mine.

When I finally got around to making an appointment they stuck me with who ever was open the day and time I wanted to come it. I got there and my girl was still working on someone so I waited a little bit. Which is just fine, I've made people wait before because I have so much hair it takes longer than expected! Well this girl who did my hair this time was new. I have never seen here there before, and she was younger. After my experience I'm guessing she was pretty fresh out of hair school. I sat down and things were going great. Got my hair colored and now came the cutting. I asked her to take off about an inch and a half. She started snipping away and I couldn't help but notice that there was not very much coming off my poor dead head!
When she was done she asked me if I wanted it dried and styled, I had never been asked that there, they automatically just did it so I asked her if she would. I sat there fuming in my little pregnant head because it was now taking 20 minutes to blow dry my hair. When she got done she asked if she wanted me to 'run a straightener through [my] hair or curl it'. I was so peeved that I told her I was just going home and it was fine.

I paid and left.

Seriously, the pregnancy hormones kicked into gear and I stewed about it in the car to the grocery store. I thought about it the whole time I was shopping, and forgot the bacon. I was still irritated, and got even more so when people wouldn't let me in after I had been there first. And then it just boiled over and I started yelling at people in my car and started getting mad about ridiculous things in my life. All over an inch and a half!

Now that I have calmed myself and I am now back to a semi-level head I must ask:

What would you do if you went to get your hair done and they didn't do it how you asked? Would you tell them while you are sitting there? Come back and complain to the manager and ask to have it redone? Go somewhere else to get it redone? Or just not even worry about it?

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  1. I have gone to my hair dresser since I was 10, so I might say something! I feel like its only right for them to fix it!! Never a good experience tho!!


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