Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas Day

Christmas Day. The last Christmas Day just as us two!

I want you guys to take advantage of these pictures, because next year, I may not be taking pictures of my DOG like she's my child. I plan on taking pictures of my actual child! It was still fun getting Sky some things that I knew she would love. New toys, tons of treats and of course a new bed!

She llllooooovvveeessss her new bed. She is constantly in it! Glad we made the right choice, such a picky dog!

This year we spent Christmas with my family. It is always so much more fun to see my niece, Kyah, enjoy christmas. And as all children think, the boxes are the best presents!

If you live in Utah then you already know that we got a Christmas miracle. Snow!!!! We woke up Christmas morning and had tons of it. Then when we got home that night we had to play in it! Sky enjoys it more than any human!

Our annual picture of trying to wrangle the beast for a picture!

I cannot wait for next year with our little girl!!!

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