Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Letter to the babe

Hey Little one,

You are still in my belly and at times this makes me one onrey momma bear. But then you start to move around and I feel your little feet and I start to tear up because I know that its almost over. I think back to when I first felt you move. I was so excited that any little movement I felt in my belly I would put my hand there and see if it was you. Now I know without a doubt that it is you moving around, and I still love it!

I have spent so much time thinking about you. What you're going to look like, will you have dark hair or blonde like dad? Will you have a headful of hair like me or will you be a baldy like your dad was? Will you have brown or hazel eyes? Will you have olive skin or pale? What shape will your nose, ears and mouth be?

But I have also wondered what your personality will be like. I can tell a little already from the way you act in my belly. You love to be around people. Lots of people. Every baby shower you were moving like crazy. You love veggies, or maybe you hate them. Either way you start moving around like crazy when ever I eat them! I can tell you'll be a little sassy like me. Its okay, you'll fit in with your cousin Kyah quite well in that department.

I have thought about the person you will grow up to be! I hope that we will raise you to be an amazing woman. I hope that you have a good heart and that you make friends with everyone, but at the same time I hope that you have good judgement when it comes to people. Know who to trust and know who will be out to hurt you.

I love you already baby girl. I cannot wait to meet you and smother you with kisses! Know that dad and I love you more than anything and we are sooooooo excited to meet you, even though you obviously have other plans! Please don't wait too much longer!!!


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