Thursday, June 11, 2015

4 Months


A week ago my baby turned 4 months.
I could cry. (may have cried) My baby is so big now!

 25 inches
12 lbs.

She wakes up smiling and giggling.
She has just recently found her voice and loves to talk. She is still blowing bubbles though and its adorable.
Her bald spot (kissing spot as Grammy says) is starting to grow back in.
We now have some cute squishy fat rolls on her legs and her arms.
Her herniated belly button is now starting to go in! YAY for flat belly buttons!

When Bree is in her car seat she loves to hold onto her giraffe and pull her blanket over her face trying to eat it.

Her fists are constantly in her mouth and she can almost put her whole fist in.
She loves bath time still, but not getting her hair washed.
Now wearing 3 Month clothes but moving into 3-6 month clothes. Socks still don't stay on her feet.

This month she rode her first horse, spent lots of nights watching us play softball, and spent lots of time being babysat by new friends. She loves people, and I'm so grateful for that. I was scared that she would only want to be held by me and Jake and would scream when anyone else held her. But she is so social. She loves the attention.

 - If you don't talk to her or look at her for a period of time she starts screaming because she isn't getting all the attention!

She loves people to hold her up so she stands and we are working on helping her sit by herself. She HATES tummy time still but is so strong.

She is the biggest fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Doc Mcstuffins. I am currently trying to brain wash her by watching all sorts of Disney movies so she will beg daddy to go to Disneyland. We have also just decided for her 2nd birthday that's where we'll be.

My sweet baby girl, you are fantastic.

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