Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bath Time

For the longest time I have loved babies in hooded towels.

I am so lucky that my little babe loves baths, and being naked. Oh she loves it so much! When she was younger, if she was upset, we would strip her down to her diaper and she'd be the happiest of all the babies. Now when we put her in the bath she just chills for a little bit, and after she's all clean we let her kick around in her tub (that she's quickly outgrowing).

When she's out of the bath, we wrap her up all snugly in her hooded towels and play in front of the mirror for a few minutes.

Then comes the lotion and pajama time.

But before all that we lay her on the bed and let her play around a little longer.

I love my little Bree. How can I make her stay little longer? She cannot already almost be 5 Months.

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