Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Blessing Day

April 19,2015

It was a hard decision trying to find a day to bless Bree. Where she was born in the middle of cold and flu season we wanted to wait until April, at least, to bless her. We made that a bit of a struggle as well because April was a busy month.

The first Sunday of the month was conference, and we were gone to St. George the next week. So we took advantage of a free weekend and scheduled it for the 19th.

If you live in Utah then you know that we had crazy weather in April. So we were praying up til the day that we would have warm, non-windy weather. And our prayers were heard. We got the one super warm weekend in April. Thank goodness.

We had so much family there to support us on that day. We are so blessed that Bree could be surrounded by so many loved ones. What a fun day it was.

Grandma and Grandpa Hansen

Grandma and Grandpa Case

Baby cousins that are 3 months apart. We love baby Deanna.

Great Grandma and Grandpa Sanderson.

Great Aunt Connie who made Bree's dress.

All the Case girls.

Hansen boys.

The long day wore Grandpa right out.

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