Monday, June 1, 2015


So this year I vowed to myself that I would stick with a book club. I have seen some here and there but never actually kept up with it and ended up quitting.

I'm not a quitter. okay, some times I am. But it doesn't make me happy.

I saw a list of things to do to make you smarter, and what was one thing on that list? Read books!
Who would've thought! Anyways the point I'm trying to make is that I have actually stuck to a book club this year. Bonus points: its a friend of mine, whom I love! She's hilarious and ridiculously smart. I love her blog, and her! If you want to follow along on her amazing-ness HERE is the link.

So the book for April was Unbroken.

I really struggled reading this book. Not because it wasn't well written or it was a boring story, but because I have a needy child. I love her, but she's a little needy. Also I was in the middle of reading this when I went back to work, and that makes things a little bit of a struggle.

Jake chose this movie one night for movie night and I watch half of it  while trying to get Bree ready for bed. So I kind of got the jest of the story but definitely missed out on details. So when I read this book it put all the puzzle pieces together.

Unbroken is a true story about a WWII Vet, Louie Zamperini. Before going to war Louie was an Olympic track star, he became an airman and fought in the states as well as abroad. This story is mostly about the time that he spent on the ocean in a life raft, after his bomber went down and only 3 men survived, and his time being captured by the Japanese.  There are lots of random facts that are added in to the footnotes of the book which I really loved.

I loved this book, especially the writing style. Hillenbrand did a great job with this! I typically don't like non-fiction books just for the fact that they usually are really boring and hard to read. This on the other hand was told much like a fiction and that made it so much easier and interesting to read.

I did watch the movie before reading this book and that kind of made it a little more interesting because I knew what was going to happen, but this time I got so much more information. So if you've seen the movie, READ THE BOOK! Do it!

Also, if you read, or have read this book I'd love to hear what you have to say about it!

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