Wednesday, July 15, 2015

5 Months

Bree is 5 Months! What the heck!

Time has gone by so fast. Last week Jake and I were talking about how it doesn't seem like B has been here that long, but at the same time, it feels like she's been in our lives forever!

Our sweet thing loves:

-Solids. We've started her on rice cereal and sweet potatoes, and whatever she grabs off our plates. Such a stink.
-Daddy. Daddy can make her giggle and gives her ice cream. Dad is #1.
-Sky. Whenever Sky is in her view she makes giggly happy noises and tries to talk to her! Its really quite adorable. And Sky loves her! Except when she's crying, then she walks out of the room.
-Outdoors. We take some time everyday to go sit outside or take a walk. Even though the sun makes her sneeze, she loves to be outside.

(this is actually Daisy, not Sky, but she loves doggies!)

Doesn't like:
-Being on her belly. We try so hard with tummy time but she will have none of it! She will tolerate it for about a minute and then come the tears.
-the Car seat. If we go for a car ride longer than 10-15 minutes she starts to scream unless she's napping.
-Oatmeal! I tried giving her a taste of my oatmeal, she hated it! Spit it out, made a face, then cried. Are they supposed to have oatmeal? We probably wont be trying that again soon.

Things she does:
-One Sunday all 3 Jurassic Park movies were on TV, so we watched them all. Soon after Bree started growling like a dinosaur. So her new nickname is Bree-a-saurous Rex. Or Bree-a-dactle when she screeches.

-Screams when we're out in public, mostly out eating.

-Weaned herself off of her binkie.. Pro's: I don't have to do it. Con's: We/she doesn't sleep.

- She LOVES George Strait. At bed time, she can go from screaming to asleep within 2 songs. George, if you ever see this, thank you! Also I want to meet you!

I am so extremely grateful for this little girl in our life!

**Some Funny pictures while trying to get a good one, I love this silly girl!**

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