Monday, July 13, 2015

Dark Places

Junes book for Bon's Book Club

Dark Places

I had read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, so I was so excited to read this book.

Overview of the book:
          On a family farm in Kansas, a mother of four kids struggled to make ends meet and was now about to lose everything to the bank. The oldest boy, Ben, is being accused of sexually abusing young girls and being a devil worshiper. Runner, the dad of the four kids, is a failure and is needing money to pay his debts and is constantly harassing his ex-wife for any extra money that she has.

The night that the murders happened was the ending to an awful day. Libby, the youngest of the four kids slipped away from the murderer and is now being sought after to tell the truth about that night. A group of people investigating murders and calling themselves, The Kill Club, approaches Libby convinced that she lied about how Ben, her brother, killed her whole family.

Libby now goes on a search to find out what really happened that night.

       This book was so interesting. It switches from everyone's point of view, past and present. It was slow at first and I felt like it kept dragging on and I really wanted Libby to be done telling about her cat she doesn't feed. As the book went on I found myself pulling it out at my desk at work when I didn't have customers just to see what would happen next.

   I really enjoy Gillian's writing style. Her books are full of suspense and surprise. I really like going along in the book trying to figure out who did it. Trying my hardest to think of the least suspecting person, but then it always turns out to be someone completely different that I either forgot about, or didn't know about. It's wonderful.
     They did make this book into a movie. I saw it pop up on our DirectTV Cinema so we decided to watch it.. (for a big $15 I might add, boo!) It was alright. It did go along with the book pretty well, except for the description of the characters. They all looked different than Gillian explained. I was also very happy that they didn't show anything from the murders. That would've sent me over the edge. If I had to choose between Gone Girl and Dark Places movie wise, I would chose Gone Girl. It could also be the fact that Ben Aflack was in it. (Don't talk to me about his divorce.. can't handle it! Except that he can now fall in love with me. Sorry Jake.)
 I wont ruin the book for you, but I will say that this book lives up the writing standard for Gillian Flynn. There are surprises, and lots of suspense.

Have you read this book?
Did you like it?

I would LOVE to hear what you think about this book!

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