Sunday, September 23, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Hello All..

I am a little behind on this post... after all my birthday was last Sunday, but might as well post now! It has been an eventful week and well to sum it up; I've gone in early to work everyday this last week.

That just means a bigger pay check right!? That is what I have to keep reminding myself.

But this birthday was my first birthday with Mr. Jake. And man did he step up to the plate and win me over. I got all sorts of gifts :) to start off he tinted the windows on my car.. poor boy can't keep secrets very well, but that's okay. It was very sweet.

I work every Saturday. I cannot remember if I have mentioned that yet, but yes. I do. ugh. Last Saturday I came home from work to see a wall full of wrapped presents, and right on top of the tower of it all was a vase full of daisies! :) my absolutely favorite flower!!!! what a sweetie. He said he went searching all over town for them. Cute boy!

For the rest of the day we just relaxed until we went to a family birthday party. After all there are around 13 September Birthdays, just on the Hansen side! haha.

That night was the HOLY WAR!!! I put it in blue because, yes, I was raise a BYU fan :) I bleed blue. We tried to stay awake for all of the game, but once the Y started losing, we just fell asleep on the couch. And I also felt like a little kid on Christmas. I wanted to go to bed early so when I woke up, I could open my presents.

I had picked out most of my presents, but the wait just made me want them even more! :)

I woke up Sunday morning to orange rolls Jake had got up to make.

... then, I opened my presents. Two new shirts, jeans, a new belt, a few new bras ( i really needed them), new scriptures with Hansen on them **my favorite**, a scripture bag Jake picked out all by himself! and he did a pretty good job too!!! and finally a Willow Tree Statue. Of a girl holding flowers.. Because I love flowers to much.

I love my Jakey. He's such a sweet heart and I am so excited I get to spend the rest of my life with him! :) This past week has taught me a lot about marriage and how important it is to marry someone you love. And want to spend forever with. I am very blessed to have had him come into my life almost a year ago.

Heres to many more happy days with my love. Hope you all had a good weekend.. here we go with another work week.. ugh.

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