Monday, September 10, 2012


Alright Kids,

It has been almost a week that my dear sweet husband left me to go to Colorado.. to hunt. I can't wait until he is home again. For the last week I have heard all about how one day I won't be able to wait until hunting season to be able to do what I want. Well guess what!?
I do get to do what I want. Hang out all day with a ridiculously handsome guy for the rest of my life?
Honestly, what else would I want to do? :)
I love my HUSBAND! 

This weekend, I went to my cute little home town to spend some time with my family! I love getting to see all of them and just hang out. I also got to see my gorgeous friend, Braidie Hansen get married! what a beautiful girl she is and I am so happy and excited for her. It is just a wonderful thing for her. Can't explain how happy I am!

But, I absolutely loved seeing my bestiest, Chelsea and Brookelyn. I love seeing those girls whenever I can! I got to catch up for hours and just have some girl time! 

I also got to go to church with my family and watch over my beautiful niece! She will be 10 months tomorrow!!!!! yay! She is getting so big and is so smart I can hardly stand it.

This is a fun little "trick" my mom taught her this weekend :

So cute! :)

She is one of my favorite girls! 

Not ready for a baby yet :) but she will do for now!

One thing that I really loved about this weekend. When we were all sitting around the dinner table one of my younger sisters, Marina, randomly just said that this weekend just felt like old times and she loved having me around! :) I love that! I love my family and how close we are :)

Hope you all had a good Monday! :)

this is the start of a crazy week!!!

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