Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Year in Review 2012

I woke up today thinking that I would need to go in to work, and I got a text from my boss saying I didn't need to!! Oh how happy I was. So I sat in my pajama's and watched some How I Met Your Mother for a good few hours, then decided to start taking Christmas down.

Holy! I started out with one box of Christmas stuff and now am up to four. FOUR! I also finally sat down and took the time to go back through this year and compile some pictures from this year! man it was good.

Spent lots of time in Manti with my family // Went to Jazz games, and I kept waiting for a ring ;) // Jake went snowmobiling as much as he could // and took me with

February 8th. He finally asked me to marry him // I had just got out from the dentist, but I didn't care, I was so surprised! // v-day Jake took me to Lady Antebellum // spent lots of time with our niecy Kyah Bear

I got crafty, and started doing wedding stuff. Made my own veil // Went to the little sister, Marina's, prom // got our engagements taken // and doesn't he look hott!?!?!?

Jake finally held Kyah // one month until we get married // found our apartment, got the keys and moved my stuff in // my bff in High school, Kayla, got engaged

WE GOT MARRIED!!! MAY 18th // Bff Chelsea manning her post // our awesome decorations // our amazing cake that was shoved into our faces :)
(so much happened I had to have two)
our car was trashed // repelling and zip lining on in Puerto Vallarta, MX // on our cruise, happy happy couple // swimming with dolphins in Cabo San Lucas

Watching this little bear growing up so fast // watching soccer derby in good ol Sanpete // all of the fires making our pretty sky grey // Nailing a job interview, new job at Bank of Af!

Running the 4th of July 5k with my papa // Swimmin for baby Ky // Got my new car, Harry // Jake hunting with his papa and cousin

found out fast how much farming takes my husband away from me, but he brings me treats // Jake and his papa killing the third bear for the year // Kayla getting married // my two favorite people playing with me at the wedding

going pumpkin hunting at Jakes grandparents // Spending my days off at the temple // got a new addition to our family // Jake spoiled me for my birthday

let the jazz games begin // Shawnie got married!! whoo! // Making the most of fall // family halloween party

watching the election at work // celebrating this beautiful little girls first birthday // finding old pictures of Jake - adorable // cut down our very first christmas tree

our yearly trip to Temple Square in December // loving the view of my pretty tree // sending out our first christmas card // adorable little baby ky enjoying christmas this year! so Cute

2012 was amazing!!! Can't wait for this year... I know for a fact this year will be so crazy too!!! but we're ready for it!!

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  1. Love it! what a year! So much happened! It seems like just yesterday we were eating breakfast burritos and sluffing hiphop


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