Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pinterest Wednesday {shopping}

Food food food. I'm always pinning food when I get on Pinterest. Either food or clothes. Story of my life.

When I go grocery shopping I go straight to my food board. I probably should be using these cook books that I got for our wedding. I will get to those one day. When I'm not so busy.. Yeah right! :)

Anyways, here are a few of my GO TO recipes whenever I'm making my shopping list.

Haystacks are always a super simple dinner. And really yummy too! My mom mades these all the time growing up, and now I love making them for Jake. To make it a little simpler, she makes her chicken broth from scratch. But I just use cream of chicken soup. Heat it up add some cooked, shredded chicken to it, and bam! Super easy. Top it with whatever your heart desires. For me its cheese, green onions, olives, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, coconut, and frozen peas.

My mom used to always have, chinese noodles, and boiled eggs to put on as well. 

I found this French Bread Pizza on Pinterest after Jake and I got married. It looked simple enough so I decided to try it! And we both fell in love with it. Probable me more because it was so easy to make.

A few changes that I have made to making this pizza is, when I turn the oven on, I cut the bread in half and have it toasting while I get all of the toppings ready. Once it is lightly toasted, I top it, and put it in for about 5 minutes.

Toasting it before made it much easier to cut once everything was done!

I have only made these Crunch wrap supremes a few times, I can't think of any tips for you on this. Probably just because, they are super simple! Its pretty much, cook your meat, put in all in the center of a tortilla, wrap it up, spray it with cooking spray and grill it! Yum! It's so yummy and so fast!


Finally, I know that I have shown these deep dish pizza's before, but they are honestly so yummy and so filling. Like.. 2 of these fill me up. And they are so simple! My only little tip for you on this one is be a little careful when putting the tortillas into the muffin tin. They rip really easily! 

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