Monday, February 11, 2013

Selfish Valentine

So I have been thinking lately. Everyone on their blogs (including me) are always talking about how they love everyone. And then every now and then comment on something that they need to do better.

I personally think that each one of us ladies need to take a little time out to think about ourselves. Think how special of a person we are. How much we do, and how great we are!

Don't get me wrong, My husband, family, inlaws, and dog are the best ever!

But today is my list of 5 things I love about myself. (this was hard to do folks)

+ My hair. Everything about it, the length the color. I love it.
+ My soft hands. Thank goodness I got my mama's hands, they are super incredibly soft!
+ My ability to cook. After watching and helping both my mom and dad cook growing up, I'm glad that I can whip something simple up when I get home from work, and have Jake really impressed!
+ I like the way I sing, most the time. After being in choirs for so long, I have learned to love my voice. I am no Martina McBride, but I like to sing.
+ My ability to make friends. I love that I can make friends anywhere and with anyone. I love being around new people, and making them smile!

What are 5 things you love about yourself. Share your link below! :)


  1. This is a super cute idea! I might have to steal it. ;) I love your blog, it's so cute and festive. . . . and just so you know I've got your button on my blog :)


  2. Great list. I wish I had soft hands. Mine are SO DRY!

  3. Totally did a selfish valentines post. :)


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