Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Forbidden Post

I have been trying to put off this post for a while, because every now and then, Jake will read my blog. But sneakily, and then he won't tell me about it until later. Ugh. Men.

For Christmas, Jake and I went WAY overboard with our presents to each other. Like "WAY" is probably an understatement. We're still paying for it. So we decided to put a price limit on holidays now. For Valentines, we said $20 for gifts. I know that doesn't buy me a sewing machine, or DSLR camera. But I want something that's going to come from Jake's heart. And is meaningful. Or just a bouquet of flowers. (My mother-in-law, Melanie, who is a constant reader of Hansen Love, knows my love for flowers. Just had to do a little shout out! Hi Mel!!!)

Last year Jake took me to my favorite band, Lady Antebellum. They had a concert on valentines day! So sweet! We went to applebee's and then the concert. How can you top that!?
I bought him 5 George Strait CD's and got a candy bar and wrote a reason why I loved him. I snuck them in his truck (with balloons and confetti) in his backpack, on his bed, I was pretty sneaky! :) and with the last CD it had a card, and well he cried. It was touching. I had to do something better this year!!

So, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for Jake. I had seen bloggers all throughout the blogging world posting about Datevitation. So I started looking into it, and decided it was a good idea.

They are little coupon books, that you can personalize that you give your spouse (friend, bf, gf, whoever) and they can use them when ever they want.

I chose to do a Technology-free day, Horseback riding, Drive in movie, Unofficial Anniversary, a trip to Vegas ( we were already planning one for my birthday), and a surprise day.

There are so many options and so many different categories to chose from. I'm sorry I'm telling you about this a little late, but you can also use them for birthdays! :)

So I got him that. and then I saw this on Pinterest.

What she did was print out some of their pictures in Sepia (to give it an old fashion look), Got some balloons, and glued the ribbon in-between the picture and some card stock.

Here are some of our pictures that I have gotten ready for this.

I can't believe that we have been married for almost 9 Months.. It's unreal. 


He is in charge of dinner. I am hoping for something like Chili's or something yummy like that! :)


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