Thursday, March 14, 2013

Just a tip or six

A while ago I did a guest post for a friend of mine, Carmina. She's adorable.

After going to that blog roundtable last week, I starting thinking about this post that I did, and decided to share it all with you guys too. This is pretty much what we talked about at the round table.

I just have a few tips for you today. (my blog doesn't have a million followers, these tips are mer suggestions and some things that have helped me)

1. Write for yourself.  This one is really hard to lose track of when you get all caught up in the blogging world. There was a month where I would check to see how many followers I had a day. And I would get upset if the number wasn't going up. But then I started talking to another blogger friend and she reminded me to write for yourself. Always remember why you started blogging. Most of the people are bloggers as well. So don't be fake. Just be yourself. 

2. Get yourself out there (sponsor). This one is a little tough because you have to spend a little $$$. A lot of blogs have really cheap spots that you can buy (such as here) :) but the point is to get your name out. there are people looking at these blogs everyday. I don't know about you, but I'll be scrolling down a page and see someones button and click to go the their page. and see someone else's and go to their page. I end up following like 10 new blogs a day! It really helps your blog. One other thing is if there is a blogger meet up in your area, go to it! I've gone to one, and I'm going to another one in March. You again get your name out there and really its so much fun to meet all your favorite bloggers in person!

3. Comment.  If the blog you are reading has something fun and interesting that you like.. comment on it. We bloggers really like feedback. *also email. You can email us with questions, tips, things you would like to see on the blog. It never ever hurts to voice what you want to say to the blogger. Unless its rude... otherwise your comment may be deleted :)

4. Follow blogs. Follow the big name blogs. Follow the mama that just had a baby. Follow the college girl just writing about her frustrations. Following other peoples blogs can give you ideas on what to post. It can helping you if your struggling, because a lot of people are usually having something that they're dealing with as well. All of us in the blogging world are just a group of supports for one another. And its kind of fun to become a "stalker" as Jake calls it. Its fun to follow along with someone else's life.

5. Guest Post.  Guest posting (such as this) introduces you and your blog to a whole different crowd, and again gets your name out there. And it just so much fun :) to share whatever you want to, or whatever the blogger wants to. Most bloggers have a contact page on their blog, email them and ask to do a guest post. Most, if not all, are more than willing for you to be a guest on their blog. (unless disclosed) I love having guest posts all the time.  Carmina guest posted for me a while ago. If you missed it, go Here. And plus guest posting is just fun. 

6. Did I mention Write for yourself? in the end, don't get so caught up that blogging becomes frustrating. Blogging is fun. Its fun to meet up with bloggers, its fun to see what they have to say for the day. It is just fun. Don't lose sight of what really is your main purpose. And just write for yourself!!


  1. Love that you feel this way, I'm such a fan of blogs, and reading blogs. What a great way to stay connected.

  2. Those are all really, really, good tips!! Thank you for sharing and reminding us all why we blog :D

  3. I'm WAY behind on blog reading. Love this post!


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